Friday, August 01, 2003

Coming Apart at the Seams

Damn! If it’s not one thing it’s another you know? About a week ago I noticed that my car seemed a bit wobbly but as there is major construction (read: uneven pavement and enough potholes that the asphalt looks burned like Swiss cheese) throughout this city and particularly by my abode I just figured my alignment was out of whack.

Well, it has become increasingly worse as the days have passed and so today I took it into Discount Tire Co. for my tires to be rotated and balanced. The guy comes out, looks at my tires and says “It looks like the belt is coming apart on the inside of one, see how your back, right tire is quite uneven? That’s what’s making your passenger seat shake when you drive over 60 miles an hour. I’ll need to look at your other tires to before I can tell you what else may be wrong.”


So, as it turns two of the tires have belt problems and Goodyear will give me $24 of credit for them but the other two tires have dry-rot. How the hell is this possible? I just got these tires a little over a year ago. UGH!

So it looks like I’ll be getting four new tires this weekend. Fortunately we can get them through a place in Hubby’s hometown and we can pay them off in three installments rather than having to fork over the cash right now.


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