Wednesday, July 30, 2003

The ACL from Hell

It’s official—I have a complete ACL tear and also torn cartilage. It’s official—I’m now more depressed than I already was about this. Ok, maybe depressed is not exactly all I am feeling right now but its part of it. Damn it! I am also severely pissed off!

I have to wait for the pre-certification from my health insurance before they can schedule surgery but it looks like I might be able to have it as early as the 13th or 14th. My Mom is planning on flying in so she can help out Hubby during my recovery process.

The Doctor wants me to take a week off from work but as I have NO paid-leave time left the time I do actually take will be completely unpaid and I really cannot afford to lose a weeks pay. Plus, I have no idea how much out-of-pocket I will be required to pay. I have health insurance but please, we all know how little they actually cover these days.

I want to drown my sorrows in Ben and Jerry but as I cannot work it off now it seems pointless. UGH! Maybe I’ll drown them in Smirnoff instead—any idea on the nutritional (de)value of martinis?


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