Friday, May 02, 2003

I don’t know where to begin so, I suppose I’ll just start writing.

I have been so busy lately I haven’t had time or frankly the inclination to compose anything. My husband’s grandfather passed away last Wednesday and the receiving of friends and funeral were last Friday and Saturday respectively.

He is the man I spoke of back in October when we had attended the Army Reunion. He was an amazing man. His illness and death has taken quite a toll on the family and especially Hubby. He was put in the hospital shortly before we left for Arkansas in February. Hubby spent many nights up at the hospital, going straight from work, spending the night and heading out to work the next morning. We also spent many weekends there as well. This has been a very exhausting and trying time for the family.

I have needed to “get this all out of my system” for a while but I’ve been reluctant to write about everything that has been going on. You see there are several layers to the story of the past few weeks and some of them rather personal. About four weeks ago today Hubby had sort of a mini-nervous breakdown.

He had spent Tuesday night at the hospital with his grandfather and awakened with a migraine and he did not go to work on Wednesday. So, I went to the hospital after I got off work to relieve him and arrived at about 5:30 p.m. Hubby looked horrible; his eyes were glassy, his skin clammy and his speech was a little slurred. I begged him to go home and get some rest, reluctantly, he agreed. We went to the room for Hubby to say good-bye but he promptly fell asleep and I didn’t have the heart to wake him.

At 10:30 when his mom arrived to relieve us he finally got up. He was groggy for almost 30 minutes after word and he got very angry and lost his temper surprising his grandfather, his mom, and me. He left the room, his mom followed and I stayed behind. I finally bid Papaw good-bye at about 11:30 and left to go home. I ran into Hubby and his mom in the parking lot. They were having a “discussion.” He apologized for being rude and an all-around grump. Then we went home.

Thursday he did not go into work. He was not even coherent enough to call his boss so I ended up calling in sick for him. I went into work but got worried about him and drove the 30-odd miles back at lunchtime just to check up on him. He seemed fine so I went back to work. I worked a little late that night and arrived home at the about 7 p.m. changed clothes and was leaving to go work-out when he woke up and asked me go get him dinner. I told him after my working out I would gladly get him something to eat.

Then the phone rang, he answered and it was his dad but he had to ask who was on the phone. Hubby was so out of it that he didn’t even recognize his own father’s voice. I was even more concerned but Hubby assured me he was fine and just needed to sleep.

He finally got up around 10 p.m. and ate a little bit, we talked for about 15 or 20 minutes and then he went back to sleep. He woke me up at 4a.m. very upset and insisting we talk. What day was it? Had he gone to work? How had he gotten home from the hospital?
He did not remember anything from Wednesday at about 4p.m. on. I was exhausted and told him that one of us needed to be able to function and could we please discuss this tomorrow. He was not happy but eventually fell back asleep.

Friday morning I left for work and he had gotten up and was going to bathe and get dressed. I called to check on him and he was back in bed and said he just couldn’t go into work. We called his boss together and told him he was sick. When I asked him about his middle-of-the-night rampage he again had no memory of it. I promptly called the Dr. and made an emergency appointment. His Mom was still in town so I called her, explained the situation and she offered to drive him to the Dr.’s appointment since I couldn’t.

Ok. I have run out of steam and time for this one. I will have to finish it later. However, just so you are not in complete suspense Hubby is much, much better now.


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