Friday, June 13, 2003

Jumping Jack Flash O' Pain

I started out energized and excited; I was anticipating a little bit of that burn and looking forward to getitng all hot and sweaty. I put on my just-out-of-the-box New Balance tennis shoes, my new white-as-white-can-be socks, shorts, t-shirt, pulled my hair up in a pony tail and walked proudly out the door and to my car. I've been rather proud of myself lately because for the first time in my life I am sticking to an excrcise program. I held my head up high as I got out of my car and walked up to the door. I pushed it open, signed in, dropped off my purse and began immediately to warm-up. About five minutes into my routine I started doing Jumping Jacks on the little spring block. About 15 seconds into my Jumping Jacks my left foot came down on the edge of the board and I twisted my ankle and went down on my knee.

Let me just tell you, at that point I was definitely feeling the burn. The last time I hurt this knee was when I was snow-skiing in Colorado in the spring of 1990. I remember that pain clearly and experienced it all over again. Hubby came to pick me up and drove me to the emergency room. Four hours later I lef the ER with my leg in an immobilizer from ankle to mid-thigh, crutches and prescriptions for pain meds. I spent all of Thursday quite doped up and feeling no pain. Today I am back at work and feeling a lot of pain. I have my leg propped up on a box under my cube but it's not helping much. I have had to hobble all around the office today as this place is so huge its like walking a mile just to get to the ladie's room. I'm looking forward to 5 pm so I can get back on my pain medication. I should have taken today off as well but I have no paid-leave time left.

I have learned one thing in this little saga.... I do not like Jumping Jacks.


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