Wednesday, June 04, 2003

An Almost Annoying Amount of Knowledge

My office environment (at least my immediate department) oftentimes has an atmosphere not unlike that of Ally McBeal. We all have quite distinct personalities, view on life, and idiosyncrasies. Since we live in Cube World we are all subject to listening, not always willingly, to others conversations and goings on. At any given time you might overhear snippets of someone whistling Bach, someone mumbling curses and profanities that could make a sailor blush, someone running laps around the cubes to “get back into the groove,” someone complaining loudly about their computer, and someone turning every word, phrase and or thought into a joke about flatulence or sex.

Well, today as we were planning a little soiree involving alcohol and Karaoke for a co-worker who announced his resignation the usual banter was being bandied back and forth. Someone said something about “oh, you know... that guy and the cosmonauts” to which I replied, “You must mean Jason and the Argonauts of Greek mythology.”

It became quiet and about 5 seconds later another co-worker says “You know, (insert my name here) You have an almost annoying amount of knowledge.”

I don’t think he meant it as a compliment but am choosing to take it as such.


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