Thursday, July 10, 2003

Bring It On

I know exactly the potential consequence of my actions and I consciously choosing to partake regardless. No, it's nothing so serious as that which could cause incarceration or an emotional breakdown. Please people. It’s a simple act of me defying Ye Gods O’ Migraine.

I’m eating Bar-B-Q Fritos and drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper. Pure and simple, I’m in NaCl heaven.

It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten flavored chips due to their high MSG content and diet beverages due to Nutra Sweet both of which cause me to have headaches. I avoid those types of foods but lately, I’ve just been dying for a taste of the past when I could eat without fear of painful consequences.

Today started out like any other day, I arrived at work, got my coffee and sat down at my desk. Somewhere though, in the back of my mind, I could hear those Fritos calling my name. I ignored the voices. I stood firm in my convictions and stayed away. Then about 10:30 this morning I had to walk a purchase order over to accounting and while passing by the break-room I caved. I cut my eyes left and right to make sure there would be no human obstacles to overcome and assessed the tables and chairs. I realized I would have to wind in and out of several of them to make it to the appropriate vending machine but somehow I managed, unscathed.

I deposited my $.45, pressed A, 7 and while drooling, watched them fall, praying there would be minimal breakage. Eyeing the shiny wrapper I reached my hand into the slot and pulled them out, their rustling music to my ears. I made it back to department, got the Diet Dr. Pepper out of the fridge and sat down at my desk.

I took a deep breath and opened my drink, placing the cap nearby but not as to be in my way and readied it for my first swill. Next, I firmly grasped both sides of the bag of chips and gently pulled them apart. I peered over the edge, and ever so intently selected my chip. Popping it into my mouth I indulged in savory madness. Sigh. That first taste of the salty, slightly sweet, smoky, powdery substance covering my Frito is pure heaven and I am loathe to rush the experience. Thus I have developed a method ensuring maximum enjoyment.

One must be patient but the payoff is most definitely worthwhile. You see, I don’t just crunch the chip, I suck on it ever so slowly. I push it up against the roof of my mouth and as I rock it gently back and forth the flavor seems to melt around my tongue and my taste buds seem to come alive. Then when I’m just one suckle away from removing the entire flavor I move it between my teeth for that first exhilarating crunch. Then, I grab my Diet Dr. Pepper, wrap my lips around bottle, tilt it up and wash it all down.

Now, I dare the migraine to come my way when I’ve just experienced such gastronomic fulfillment. And should it approach, I’m ready for it, Alleve in hand.


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