Sunday, January 12, 2003

OK, the entire post is up this time. Migraine is gone! Wooo Hoooo!

Well, I promised to write, so I will even though I've had a migraine most of the day. Ugh. So, here goes...

The Week from Hell, Part I
Attempted Break-In Turns Out To Be Next-Door Neighbor

Hubby and I have been in a REALLY good place the last few weeks, so much so it almost feels like when we first met. The 14th of this month marks the three-year anniversary of our meeting and one-and-a-half years of marriage and to be honest, I have to say that this marriage thingy is hard. We ar both stubborn as mules and that can sometimes make for long, hard days. However, since the move over Thanksgiving we've just been a lot happier and personally, I think it's the fact that we have some space to get away from each other now. All that to say, last week started out great.

This is Hubs time to work 3rd shift since he was off for so long during the Christmas break. He started last Saturday night at 10:30pm and goes to 10:30am on Sunday, then repeat until Wednesday morning. No big deal since this is the shift he as been on since we got married. So Monday night he goes off to work and I putter around the house doing whatever until about 11:30 when I go to bed. The new place is situated about 7 miles north or so of where we were living and it's quite quiet. I used to live off of a major boulevard within this city and as the apartment was only 100 yards off the street I heard all kinds of noise, and at all hours of the day. Plus the fact that being in an apartment complex you get used to a certain level of noise like dogs barking, car alarms going off, people talking in the hall or going up and down the stairs, knocking on doors, and et cetera. I've pretty much learned to screen this type of noise out since I've been been living in apartments for over 10 years now.

Well, I am sound asleep at 1:15am when suddenly my subconscious tells me that my doorbell is ringing. I open my eyes and am actually (surprising even to myself) quite frightened. I get the gun out of the nightstand grab the telephone and run to the closet where I try to call Hub. My hands are shaking so badly that I misdial the number about 5 times before I get it right. I am freaked out at the possibility of someone outside my house. None of my, or Hubs, friends have been to the new place so it cannot possibly be anyone I know.

I finally get Hubby on the phone and he tries to calm me down as I walk toward the front door and try to look out of the peep-hole; no one is there. One of the reasons I am so nervous is the doorbell is not lit at all times, there is a short in the wires and so sometimes it glows orange and others it doesn’t. Also, the way the door is situated, you might accidentally hit the doorbell if you were trying to break into the house. So, I go upstairs and sit in a corner facing the stairs with the gun on the floor and my dog (55lb Australian Shepherd mut) in my lap and the phone to my ear.

In the meantime, hubby has called his boss to ask if he can cover for 30 to 45 minutes in order work from home the rest of the evening so he can be with me. Now his boss, S, is normally a great guy however, this night he says... “Not to be cold but I’ve told you we don’t monitor from home anymore and if your wife is that scared she can just call 911.” Well that rule went into effect over the Christmas holidays all of which Hubby was off and so he did not know about it. Hubby almost quit his job right there. Instead he just hung up on his boss after stating how furious he was.
So, we just did as the boss suggested. We called 911 and asked if someone could patrol through the neighborhood. Well, I have now come back downstairs and am waiting on the police. I see two patrol cars pull up and check things out. As it turns out my garage door was open, and Hubby swears it was closed when he pulled out. The cops think it was probably a neighbor letting me know it was open.

Well, it’s now been about an hour or so since I was awakened and I’m finally calmed down enough to crawl back into bed. In the meantime Hubby has sent an email to the VP who is over both his boss and his entire department relaying the conversation that took place. You see, the VP is always touting “balance of work and family” and stresses the importance of not letting your family take second place to your job. So, on top of worrying about someone trying to break in now I am worrying about my husband losing his job. UGH!

Well, I finally get to sleep about 2:45am and toss and turn all night long. I get to work and tell my boss what happened (my boss is my landlord) she says she is sure it was S, the neighbor, because he did that to she and her husband a couple of times. I feel a little bit better and go on about my day.

Stay tuned for part II of the The Week From Hell.


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