Friday, December 20, 2002

Awake On My Airplane . . .

The Good News:

Well, it’s time to board the plane and head off to Arkansas to visit the family for Christmas. I am so excited; I feel like a child again. I have not been home since my grandfather’s funeral last January 7. I have only seen my parents two times in this year and both times were whirlwind visits, so no quality, bonding time. I cannot even begin to express how very much I miss them. Mother and I are planning on at least two days muddling through flea markets and antique stores for “found treasures.” Dad and I will watch old movies, probably an Abbott & Costello or something with Jack Lemon or Cary Grant (sigh!). Nine whole days… I can’t wait!

I am writing this with my eyelids at half-mast due to the fact I got a mere 2.5 hours of sleep last night. I was up so late packing and getting ready because my week has been so hectic I had not the time to do so before last night and I didn’t even get home until about 10:30 p.m. Phil laughs at me because I am so very anal about packing. I write everything down and then when I put it in the suitcase I mark it off my list. That is the only fail-safe method I have come up with for packing everything I need down to my dental floss.

The Bad News:

As with all things there is a flip side to all of this. I will be offline, more than likely, for the entire visit. My parents still have not figured out this whole “Internet” thing. My Dad has finally gotten it installed in his office and uses it occasionally but they do not have a computer at home. So, if I want to check mail or post I will have to do so at the office and I am a little weary of doing that because they don’t know about my blog. For that matter, they don’t even know what a weblog is.

So, essentially I will probably be computer-less and incommunicado for nine days. Shudder. Part of me likes the idea and another part of me feels as if I will be losing an appendage. However, I am sure there will be plenty of blogging material being bandied around by the fireplace so I if I cannot find a way to connect I will resume with a vengeance upon my return.

In the meantime, I wish you all a very, very, Merry Christmas.


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