Monday, November 25, 2002

Moving, Moving, Moving.

I know, I have been severely lax in posting to my blog; my apologies. I have been sick with a severe sinus infection, bronchitis-type of cough, and a four-day migraine that would kick anybody’s ass, but thanks to Zithromax, and Lortab I am now feeling much better. I also want to apologize, up front, for not posting too much over the next week or two. We are moving! YEAH! Since I have been under-the-weather for the past 10 days I have been procrastinating packer extroridinaire!

Yesterday was the first day in almost two weeks where I actually felt like some semblance of my old self and as my great-grandmother used to say: I was “full o’ vim and vigor.” So, consequently, I packed. I packed a lot. And, I’ll just bet you can guess what I’m going to be doing this week… that’s right, packing because when the movers arrive first thing Saturday morning and I want to be able to simply sit back and direct their path.

Early Christmas Presents

I just have to tell you about an early Christmas present from my wonderful husband. The new town home we are renting has a small eat-in kitchen; currently I have a dining room suit that belonged to my grandmother and it has been serving as our table and flat-surface-catch-all for a while now. So, last weekend I went to a furniture outlet store looking for an additional small table to put in our new kitchen.

While there I came across gorgeous cherry-wood sleigh-bed (I’ve always wanted a sleigh bed). The style has been discontinued by the manufacturer and was deeply discounted at an almost-too-good-to-pass-up price that also included a dresser, a mirror, and two nightstands with an optional chest of drawers. So, this Saturday I drug the husband out to see if he liked it as much as I did. He didn’t. He liked it but he wasn’t crazy about it. I was crushed. I absolutely fell in love with it and being the visual person I am, I had mentally already made up the room with our comforter, pillows, curtains and accessories. We left the store with me in a funk and went to dinner; he had to be at work at 10pm so the evening was cut rather short.

Sunday morning I awoke and started packing. Phil’s relief was an hour late and he said he had some errands to run and wouldn’t be home until after noon. He came in a little after 12:40 and dropped an envelope on the kitchen counter saying “that’s for you.” I opened it and to my absolute surprise there was a Christmas card, which held the bill of sale for one cherry-wood bedroom suit! I was so surprised and excited. He had this incredible grin on his face and I just ran and jumped in his lap for a hug. He had tricked me! He really did like the bedroom suit and intended to buy it for me but wanted to make me think he didn’t like it. UGH! Why do men do that? Anyway… it worked. In spite of his little white lies I really do have a wonderful husband, one I too-often take for granted. I know we aren’t perfect and we are way too stubborn for our own good but, he loves me and he has the most generous heart.

So, some day when I figure out how to add photos to this thing and we’re all moved in I’ll post a picture of it complete with comforter, pillows and curtains!


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