Wednesday, February 18, 2004


It is a sad, sad day when articles on Oscar Gossip, featuring a large picture of Johnny Depp, the advertisement for Power Fit with Denise Austin, and Smart and Stylish Cell Phones receive more weight and prominance than the announcement that Howard Dean has abandoned his campaign for the White House or the discussion of Gay Marriages giving headaches to the Bush administration.

I'm not saying I've never read a bit of celebrity gossip but people, please. How is it possible that these trivial tidbits of information are more important than the "real" issues we face every day; the ones that can make or break us. Are we so out-of-touch with what shapes our nation that we'd rather read about who will be walking down the red carpet with whom than about political candidates and the shape America is taking on?

Sigh. I'm not one to be overtly political but today was the proverbial straw and camel's back.

I'm disgusted with who we've become.


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