Monday, January 26, 2004

Oh Brother!

I had an interesting conversation with my brother, JM, on Saturday evening. I told him I had blogged (he reads on a very rare occasion) about being a misfit moderate since I couldn't pick a side. He was very upset and said I shouldn't think of myself, or let anyone else think of me as a moderate because I'm not one.

He said, you're passionate about what you believe be it liberal or conservative. Being one way or the other doesn't make you a moderate just because the mean of the two is the middle. You're just aggrivating to political parties because neither side can completely count on you. But that's not a bad thing.

I was shocked, and completely elated. He and I disagree about a lot and I fall on the liberal side of many things. I took this to heart moreso than he did, a fault of my sex perhaps. We talked for almost two-and-a-half hours. I believe that's the longest phone conversation we've had in years. On the phone I'm not too much of a chit-chatter and neither is he. Ohh occasionally I can spend hours on the phone talking with someone but that doesn't happen too often I guess. We talk about miscellaneous stuff when in person, but when you're separated by over 1500 miles getting together in person is not a feat easily accomplished.

We have now agreed to disagree but it doesn't change the way we think or feel about each other. I love my brother dearly and am so amazingly happy we get along as adults. We've simply grown closer as the years have passed and I sincerely say "Thank you God."


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