Monday, October 07, 2002

Hubby’s Home!

This weekend was awesome. I got to see my love on Friday night for the first time in nine days. He has a TON more vacation than I do and so Hubby and his Dad had gone to their family beach house for their semi-annual fishing trip. They caught over 50 pounds of shrimp, a ton of Spanish Mackerel, some King.

Hubby looked great! He had been outside and on the water the whole time and had acquired a nice golden tan. His beard was all grown out and his hair a little lighter for all his time in the sun—I teased him that he looked like Grizzly Adams. All in all it was a nice quiet weekend. We spent a lot of time cuddled up together on the couch just talking, teasing, tickling, and being near each other. It’s amazing how much you can miss someone’s touch when you are separated for a long time. I guess it is true… absence makes the heart grow fonder. Sigh.

A Small Reprieve from Impending Birthday Anxiety—I got carded!

Last night I stopped at a convenience store to buy that new low-carb beer, Michelob Ultra. I am a relative neophyte in the consumption of alcohol, particularly beer, so when I heard this one was pretty light I thought I would give it a try. (I liked it by the way.) So, I get my beer and a Sprite and head for the front. I plop my drinks down on the counter, hand over the credit card and the most blessed thing happened. “Mam, I am going to need to see your ID.” I looked up in absolute surprise and with a silly little smile said, “Really?” “Yes, I need to see some identification.” I about kissed him I was so damn excited! See, two weeks from today I turn 31 and have been really stressed about it too. He practically made my whole month!


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