Tuesday, September 10, 2002

The D.M.V. (insert long list of expletives here)

So, last Friday go online to the DMV site to pay my property (car) taxes and renew my vehicle tags/registration since they expired in at the end of August. I paid off the loan on my car in July and when I got the title in the mail it was from Texas. So, I called the DMV to find out whether or not I would need to transfer the title to NC before I could renew my tags. It was then that I discovered I had been issued an “Emissions Penalty Fine” in the amount of $286.00 that would have to be paid before I could renew my tags. Apparently when I renewed my tags last year I only had a limited amount of time to have my car inspected in the “emissions controlled county” even though I had a perfectly good inspection sticker (from a non-emissions controlled county) that did not expire for 8 months. In October I got a letter from the DMV that said I needed to get my car inspected but they did not however tell me I would be issued a penalty of $286.00 if I failed to do so. No one at the DMV explained the difference in the inspection process between the non-emissions controlled verses emissions controlled counties. According to the lovely lady at the County Office of Emissions somehow I was just supposed to know.



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