Thursday, August 29, 2002

And now, for some really bad poetry!

counter-productive, clockwise time,
six years span my seven-year itch,

you are rhythm, I am rhyme
to scratch or not this question’s twitch

belabor, my burdens bear scars of their own
ebb and flow, yes, I know all about your yin and yang

years of wanting, time alone
and how things always/never change

tell you why - don’t need you
So kiss me now and forever too

I am wise and you a fool
I’ll let you go; I won’t be cruel

tempting, taunting fatally be mine
would that Wyrd had twisted time

for you see, Shakespearean Freudian I am not
Jungian, or so I thought but may be Machiavellian
tick, tock, my Hickory Dickory Dock!


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