Wednesday, October 16, 2002

The Flu or Something Like It & Amazing Husbands

Yesterday morning I started feeling a little odd. I began sneezing a lot and my throat had that little tickle. You know that feeling you get when your body is trying to tell you that something just isn't right—something's out of sorts. By two in the afternoon I could definitely tell I was coming down with something and so I left around 4:15 to go home. I stopped off at the grocery store and bought some Echinacea capsules, Echinacea tea fortified with lots of Zinc, some orange juice and some chicken soup. I took my temperature when I got home and I was running 99.0 which is high for me as my body temp generally runs 97.6 degrees rather than everyone else’s 98.6.

I took some aspirin, made some tea and set out to work on a freelance project. I figured I could get two-to-three hours in before I turned in for the night. Well, by 6:30 I was getting hotter and had a temp of 100.2 so I called the client told them I was sick and that I would have to get the work to them later. I got the blankets out of the closet and tried to rest on the couch. I am a very hot-natured person and I had on the heat, a sweatshirt, socks, shorts, and was wrapped up in two blankets. I was still cold. I had the chills. I was exhausted and by 7:00 I was at 100.8.

By 7:30, at 101.2, I needed comfort and sympathy so even though it took every ounce of energy I had, I walked from the den into the bedroom to try and get hubby up. (He works from 11pm to 11am and so he doesn't get up ‘til 9:30pm). He wouldn't wake up and I knew how exhausted he was so I thought I would let him sleep some more. By 8:00 I was at 101.7 and this time I did manage to wake him up enough for him to follow me out to the couch where he sat at one end and I had my head at the other. I was restless and couldn't sleep but by just his presence I was able to calm down enough to fall asleep on the couch. Hubby slept too.

At 9:45 we both were awakened and my temp was at 102.0. Hubby called his boss and told him I was sick and that he was going to work from home. Then he went to the grocery store for Sprite, Thera-flu (the nastiest tasting stuff in the world!) and some Edy’s Strawberry Whole Fruit bars. They are AWESOME and felt cool on my throat. I had no appetite but knew I would dehydrate if I didn’t get some fluids into me. Hubby was the greatest! He took care of me and checked on me throughout the night. My fever finally broke around 2am. I slept in this morning but made it to work by noon because I had two very important meetings today. I feel better now but my throat still hurts and it’s quite red. Hopefully that will be as bad as it gets.

Thank you Baby for taking such good care of me. I love you.


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