Friday, October 21, 2005

Angst-less Birthday

Well, It is again the anniversary of my birth and this year there was no birthday angst about turning 34. Odd. I don't understand why I had such a problem with 30, 31, 32, and 33 and absolutely no problem with 34. However, I'm happy about it. I guess I feel a little older and a wee bit more wise as well.

The car problem has been alleviated, at least for now. I will be taking a flight from Charlotte, NC to Chattanooga, TN where my parents will meet me with my Dad's Chevy Blazer. He is graciously loaning this one to me until I can find what I want for the price I am willing to pay. I'm getting small, but decent amount of money for my car considering it was 8 years old and had almost 120,000 on it. My rental car is due back on Monday the 24th and I'm simply not ready to purchas another car. I don't want to rush into anything without thinking it through and for me, at least, the purchase of a vehicle, the incurring of new debt, etc. is not taken lightly. I need to weight and balance everything first. (I know—trait of a Libra—even if I don't believe in astrology) Being able to drive his car until I'm ready to purchase one of my own is a HUGE relief.

Tonight I'll be celebrating my 34th birthday with a lot more peace of mind.


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