Wednesday, December 22, 2004

White Christmas

I'm taking a well-needed break and heading to Arkansas for the holidays both Christmas and New Years. I haven't been home since February. I'm feeling particularly nostalgic toward the homestead since my mother called today to tell me they were expecting between six and eight inches of snow! I haven't seen a White Christmas in years and I simply cannot wait to enjoy the snow.

I think I have the writing bug again. I'm formulating a lot of things in my head I want to discuss/write about but I have been so busy I haven't had time to get them down. I suppose some thingshave just been too personal in the last year to put them out on the web even if it is somewhat anonymously. If you really tried you could find out who I am. I'm taking an actual journal home with me and intend to find catharsis there. I'm sure transpose at least some of it when I arrive back in Charlotte.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.


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