Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Nothing Much

Not much going on today. I ran errands during lunch: bank, grocery store, buying gasoline at $1.35 cents-a-gallon for the lowest grade! At least I drive a somehwat fuel-efficient car. Hubby is helping a friend move out of his ex-girlfriends apartment. I am at work. He is off. Sometimes I wish I had his schedule. He is in the IT field. He works doing amazing stuff on computers that I could never even begin to understand. He is technologically brilliant! His schedule is this:

Week One:
Saturday 11PM to 11AM
Sunday 11PM to 11AM
Monday 11PM to 11AM
Tuesday 11PM to 11AM

Week Two:
Sunday 11PM to 11AM
Monday 11PM to 11AM
Tuesday 11PM to 11AM

His dress code is this: THERE IS NONE! He gets to wear shorts to work. UGGH!

My schedule is this: M – F, 8 – 5. My dress code is this: business to business casual.
Uggh! When it’s 100 degrees outside the last thing I want to be wearing is a dress and jacket. Fortunately I don’t have to wear hose.

Needless to say, our schedules do not always coincide and it can be difficult to find time to be together.

DAMMIT! I just got a call from the printer. Our print rep says she found a misspelled word in our copy. Of course, she did not find it until after the job was ready to be shipped. You know it doesn’t matter how many sets of eyes we have look over that thing it seems there is ALWAYS at least one mistake! UGGHHHH!!!!!! I could just scream. I am just praying that no one find it. (Yeah, right!) Oh, I am so upset right now, I cannot continue this blog. I am going to go home early!


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