Friday, August 09, 2002

My New Clothes

I don’t know about you, maybe it’s just a “woman” thing, but whenever I buy something new, especially clothes, I feel a little bit better. No, I am not materialistic anymore than the next person but I do love the snip, snip, snip sound my scissors make when I am cutting off the tags. I love how another individual has never worn them. Today is the inaugural run for my new “casual Friday” outfit—so far, so good. Last weekend was a “tax free” weekend in honor of it being back-to-school time; it was also sale-of-the-Summer time too. So, being the ever-mindful-of-my-pennies kind of gal I am I decided to partake in the merriment, fight for my right to park close to the front, and purchase a few things for me and also for my husband.

Well, let’s just say spending Saturday afternoon at the mall is not his idea of a good time. However, I have not asked him to go clothes shopping with me in over a year and so I felt well justified requesting his company. He hates shopping. Wait; let me emphasize that again. HE HATES SHOPPING!!!! He would rather spend two hours with me in Wal-Mart (and he hates Wal-Mart too) than time at the mall. Get the picture? However, I did manage to acquire his acquiescence. So off we go (but not without an initial argument).

On the other hand, I love shopping. I enjoy going to the flea market, antique store, fabric store, hardware store, grocery store, Wal-Mart (it’s the best!), Target, Pier 1, Sam’s club, just about anywhere they sell stuff I can find something to look at. You will NEVER, EVER, EVER, hear the words “I’m bored” come out of my mouth. I can find something of interest just about everywhere I go. I also usually travel in tandem with a book of some sort just in case I am stranded somewhere with nothing to stimulate my brain—I do so enjoy cerebral stimulation.

Contrary to my husband’s belief, I do not enjoy hours upon endless hours of shopping. I can’t shop-‘til-I-drop. I like to go for about three hours or so and then take a break—have dinner or something like that—then I can go for another couple of hours or so. About 6 is my absolute limit in a day and I would prefer to spread those out a little bit. I suppose if I am on a mission—must find (insert frivolous, over-priced, meaningless object here) I suppose my concentration level will allow me to go a while longer. But, when I am just kind of strolling I am not interested in more than three or 4 hours.

With vast promises not to walk him all over creation and in and out of every store we made it to the mall and bought him a couple pairs of shorts, some dressy t-shirts and a nice dress button-down shirt. I bought a couple of nice linen outfits, some kakhi cropped pants and the outfit I am wearing today—cropped red, white & blue “bandana” pants and a blue oxford cloth shirt/jacket with a white sleeveless, scooped neck sweater.

So, snip, (a load off my shoulders) snip, (a spring in my step) and snip (woo hoo, it’s casual Friday)—I’m happy and patriotic all at the same time!


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